I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive, now I’m dreaming of you.

& that is who we are. 

social media in beacon hills (4/?) sterek edition.

i totally forgot that i’m supposed to take pictures at a wedding today

and i’m getting sick i think

this is not a good day


I think this says a lot about me as a person

Stiles Stilinski + eyes.

this stage i’m in, a place i’ve never been, i’m dying to meet you there

Anonymous asked:
i think stiles would also get extremely turned on if Derek puts his hand on his thigh



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It’s not like they’re dating or anything, but their friendship has come a long way from I-don’t-trust-you-you-don’t-trust-me. Stiles thought he buried that little crush long ago, went off and had real relationships, went to college, did all that jazz. Coming back to Beacon Hills and hanging out with Derek as an adult is nice, okay, and Stiles isn’t expecting more than friendship.

He’s kind of thrown off by how easy it is to fall for Derek the more time they spend together, but Stiles keeps his feelings under wraps, doesn’t want to make it weird. 

So it takes Stiles completely by surprise when Derek is driving him home from what turned into a weekly beer-and-bowling thing, the top forties are playing on the radio, there hasn’t been any supernatural ridiculousness for two weeks, the wind is blowing through Stiles’ hair, and then Derek just casually places his hand on Stiles’ thigh. Thumb slightly moving in a steady caress. Derek. Caressing his thigh. 

It feels so natural and normal and affectionate that Stiles doesn’t even notice for a few seconds, and when he does he automatically reaches out as if to take Derek’s hand in his and whoa wait what is he doing? 

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