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Please write that AU you described in the tags of that Dylan O'Brien photoset. Please. I need it.


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Stiles grins, taking another sip of his Mai Tai, plucking the umbrella out and tucking it behind his ear playfully. It’s the perfect plan; one week of peace and quiet, no paparazzi, no boring lectures from his tutors, no government officials needing his princely opinion on anything, no team of ridiculously sensitive bodyguards shadowing his every move. 

This faux kidnapping scheme is the best plan he’s ever come up with. Stiles was smart about it too, knowing the news would never reach his father because he would be terribly busy at the U.N. World Summit, and the security team would be too embarrassed to let him know that Stiles was “kidnapped” on their watch, and since the fake micro-terrorist group is sending them daily photos of Stiles unharmed and the promise of delivering him back before the king returns seems sound, they probably aren’t doing much to find him. The random money the security has sent so far has been rerouted and rerouted to Stiles’ private account and is currently funding his dream vacation.

Ah, paradise. 

Stiles watches the surf break on the sand, the pleasant buzz of alcohol settling around him. 

He is a bit lonely, though. Stiles thought a solo vacation away from everyone would be amazing, and so far it kind of has, except he kind of misses one of his bodyguards, Derek. Oh man, what would Derek even do on a tropical island? It’d be hilarious to watch him scowl at the sun and then remind Stiles repeatedly to put on more sunscreen. Maybe Stiles could convince him to help… now there’s a nice image. Stiles can practically hear him now…

Okay, actually he must be more drunk than he thought because he thinks he actually hears Derek.

Stiles! What do you think you’re doing?” 

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imagine what stiles must look like to the other kids at beacon hills high. like he thinks that everyone thinks he’s just a loser, but they’re actually just really intimated by him?

"that’s stiles stilinski. one time he actually…


Ich hab ab heute einen gut gebauten, jungen personaltrainer :D


Erzähl mir mehr!

mein guter freund florian wird jetzt zwei mal die woche  timm und mich auseinander nehmen xD




you can see in the first gif he is staring at the gun, only concerned with the threat, but in the second gif he’s staring down the shooter I’m jumping ofF A BRIDGE BYE


"You made pasta?"

*dramatic zoom/pause*

"And meatballs"

"Did you take out the trash?"

*dramatic zoom*

"And the recycling"

"Derek this has to stop."

Actor Dylan O’Brien attends the Giffoni Film Festival Photocall on July 21, 2014